Friday, 8 January 2016

Logo Design For Free, 0$ Investment

Hello guys, after a long time I decided to write a post. I came across this website "Hunger Designs", they offer great designing services.

I was in need of a new logo for my new website, so I browsed across various freelance sites, I spent a couple of $$ for logo but with no luck, I didn't get what I wanted.

So in search for my dream logo design, I stumbled across Hunger Designs, the website itself is quite unique.

Below is my experience with them :

  • Zero Dollar Investment, (I didn't pay any penny for the design) 
  • Got the draft of the logo (I got the draft once I sent the brief) 
  • Got the modifications (I asked for 5 modifications, which they provided easily) 
  • Then payed $25 for the source files and copyrights (I was asked for a paypal transfer of $25 for the copyights and source files) 
  • Got my NEW LOGO. 
My experience with Hunger Designs is so smooth, they have a great team of designers. They work in a different manner, No Designing Charges, so that the buyers can first check the work. And then pay for the files. 

In short, I got my Logo Design for Free, only had to pay for the source files and copyrights. 

I recommend Hunger Designs to all my visitors, they are professional and genuine. 


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